Can hemp work wonders for your sports life?

For the athletes, gym users, busy professionals, and anyone else that seeks to improve their performance, hemp is changing the game. 

A world apart from what a pre-workout supplement might provide, hemp has been making quite a name for itself in the consumer world. Already a multibillion-dollar industry, we are sure to see massive growth for the hemp market over these coming years. 

It comes as no surprise that athletes and consumers are both starting to take notice. Hemp as an all-natural alternative comes at a time when the globe might need it the most. 

Today, we want to explain a little more about what hemp is, how people are using it for sport recovery, and, the most important question of all – why?


Hemp for Post-Workout

Hemp oils, tinctures and other fast absorption, fast-acting products are being commonly used across the globe as relief for chronic pain, inflammation, blood pressure, anxiety and more. 

As a result, studies indicate that the plant could be used for both mental and physical recovery, making hemp an ideal post-workout supplement to add into your daily routine.

Hemp strains that are Indica-dominant or rich in certain compounds help to provide a deep, relieving experience that allows the muscles to relax.

Likewise, the hemp products that are UK legal to sell have a negligible amount of the compounds that intoxicate you, that will not negatively affect you. This means you can use the compounds that don’t intoxicate you, i.e. hemp products to take advantage of the beneficial post-workout effects while keeping a clear, focused head.


Hemp for Pre-Workout

There are, likewise, some benefits to using hemp before athletic or physical activity as much as there are afterwards. 

Without the risk of dependency or addiction, hemp could help to reduce social anxiety in the same vein that a class of anxiety medications, like Xanax and Klonopin, are well-known to help with. Additionally, hemp may help with performance anxiety, with research diving back all the way to 1993. 

Working well as both a pre-workout and post-workout supplement, hemp continues to take the sports industries by storm. With anti-anxiety and neuroprotective qualities, anti-inflammatory characteristics and evidence that it is safer than opioids and non-addictive, hemp has the true potential to be an effective substance. 

Most importantly for athletes, gym users, and many others, though, is that hemp is a potential source for pain relief. 

The combination of pain relief and other benefits are what is making hemp so popular as both a treatment and training aid, even for some of today’s top sports leagues. With more research coming out every day on the miracle supplement, it looks like hemp products may be here to stay.


Wrapping it Up

In conclusion, there is a potential chance that hemp products could help with sports recovery. In addition, it could very well help as a pre-workout aid, too. There is still much to learn about hemp and all its beneficial properties, and we are eager to step into a more hemp-friendly world.