Creating your own hemp products at home

Legal in the UK under certain guidelines and restrictions, industrial hemp can be used for a variety of purposes. In fact, there could be over 25 thousand uses to hemp. While we are unable to list all 25 thousand uses in one go, we are going to dive into the main purposes’ hemp can be used for. From a fibrous material to a nutritious snack, stick around to see all the many things that hemp has the potential to become!


Most common currently are the organic whole hemp plant products like ours that are making waves on the market. Backed by studies, university research, and anecdotal experiences, compounds in hemp may be able to reduce anxiety, relieve pain, mitigate stress, and provide countless other medicinal properties to the body. In fact, hemp extract has even made its way into the dog, cat, and other pet product market. There are hemp cat treats, hemp oil for dogs, and much more.


Second most common next to being used as a medicinal supplement, hemp seeds make for a great addition to your meal. In fact, hulled hemp seeds give you over 100% of your recommended daily amount for magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B1, and manganese. Likewise, it contains 31% protein, perfect for those in search of muscle gains. Hemp even contains a healthy amount of fiber, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and potassium. The best part is that because hemp does not contain phytic acid, the body absorbs almost all the nutrients that it takes in from hemp. 

Fabric, Rope, and Clothing

Hemp is considered a durable, strong building material not just for houses and cars, but also for clothing! In fact, it is even more cost-effective and efficient to grow hemp instead of other fabric materials, such as cotton. An acre of hemp can produce triple what an acre of cotton can, and it can be four times warmer than cotton, showing off how superior of a material it can be.

As a building material, it can be used as an alternative to stucco, cement blocks, fibreboard, insulation, and much more. Henry Ford even once used hemp to build a car, which was far lighter than its steel counterpart while being able to withstand 10 times the impact – all without denting. Why the material did not continue to get used to build the automobiles we have now is a question we ponder, but we hope to see changes now that hemp is taking over the market once again. 

Beauty Products

Hemp oil is high in vitamins A, C, and E. A natural antioxidant that is rich in essential fatty acids and amino acids, hemp oil could provide a wide range of benefits for our skin. Applying topically can reduce acne, inflammation, soreness and pain, and it can also clear pores and reduce the signs of aging in one fell swoop. What many in the beauty community consider a miracle worker, hemp seed oil seems to be the best at targeting all these skin benefits.

Wrapping Up

Hemp can be used for a wild assortment of different things, and we are so excited to see the hemp oil market expand under hemp’s newfound popularity. As more incorporate hemp products into their daily routine, we are sure to see more innovative hits make a surge in the market.